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I am pleased to write this letter of recommendation for Renee Lazear and Le Papillon Estate Liquidation Services.  I am the trustee for a member of my family’s estate and after interviewing several estate liquidation companies I chose Renee Lazear and could not be happier with my choice.


Liquidating ones estate of possessions and tangible property is a very difficult task.  It can be trying, emotional, and complicated.   From the very beginning Renee was honest, understanding, and thorough in all her interactions with myself and the other three trustees.


Renee inventoried all items to be sold, prepared and organized the items prior to the sale, and conducted a four day sale with a professional team. After the sale, she arranged for the disposal of all trash and donated non-sold items to charity.  She provided complete documentation and receipts for the sales, donations, and her scope of services.


Estate liquidation is a business that requires someone to be professional, honest, understanding, and patient.  Renee exhibited all those traits and more.  She was easy to talk with and displayed complete integrity during the entire process.  I would have no reservations about entrusting her again.


Thank you Renee for making a difficult process a lot easier !



Lyndon S. Low, DDS   


I was faced with a job bigger than I thought anyone could handle  - cleaning out a home filled with a lifetime of hoarding and major health issues. 

Then, Renee Lazear came to my rescue! She quickly stepped in and took control.  She efficiently and confidently handled every aspect of clearing and cleaning the premises, handling the estate sale, shipping heirlooms overseas and preparing the property for market in a relatively short period of time. 

In carrying out her job, she was reliable, very accommodating to me and to all of the decedent's family. 

She was respectful of the situation and carried out the job with the utmost of professionalism. She truly worked magic and was such a delight to work with.  I couldn't have done it without her.

 Nancy Bennet, Paralegal


My name is Bill Dwyer and I'm writing this to recommend Renee. My partner and I owned a 7200 square foot house in Los Gatos with an additional 1000 square feet of storage. We're both collectors and accumulators and with all that space and storage, we piled up lots of stuff (a gross understatement).

During the run-up to moving out we selected what we wanted to take which amounted to 26,000 pounds. I would estimate we left another 10-15,000 pounds behind for Renee including junk, antiques, art, clothes, household goods and lots of furniture.

In the next three weeks, without any assistance from us, Renee organized, disposed of, sold and consigned everything. She also did the basic cleanup and supervised the final cleaning.

The new owners raved about how spotless the place was (they should have seen it!) and how great Renee is. Although one can't expect big bucks liquidating stuff, Renee's good stewardship cleared more than her costs not counting anything that comes in from consignment. I'd hire her again in a heartbeat except I hope I've learned my lesson about accumulation (That said our new house is 5900 sq ft so maybe not)

Bill Dwyer
Washougal WA



"Renee is the consummate professional.  She approaches what can be a difficult personal situation with care and compassion.
Renee was efficient in her work,making the whole process go smoothly. 

She maintained her schedule and held to her price quote.
I would hire Renee again without hesitation." 

- Mike Keenly



In my role as an estate planning lawyer, I get to stay out of the often-messy work of estate administration, work usually done by the clients.  That changed last year, when I acted as executor of an estate that included a 70 years worth of accumulated stuff.  I would have been lost without the help of Renee.  Either personally or through her many contacts, she went through all the personal property, arranged for the sale of some, the donation of some, and the discarding of the rest.

She supervised the clean-up of the home before the sale, and hooked me up with qualified contractors for needed repairs. 

She was patient with me when I was getting frustrated with the challenges of being a client. 

 All that AND a reasonable cost.  I would recommend her without hesitation.

 Charles Jonas, Esquire


An excellent job done on a house best described as a challenge.


Beth Costa




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